Saturday, February 15, 2014

USA wine, Channing Daughters '12 Rosato di Refosco.

Channing Daughters '12 Rosato di Refosco.
Wines from Long Island come from a salty, maritime climate and I find that there is always some slight salty aromas or tastes with these wine. Coupled with the Refosco grape makes for a challenging and interesting flavour profile. I say challenging because I personally do not have a reference point for the flavours. Refosco is a very dark-skinned grape, native to Friuli, Italy. Channing Daughters Winery have an amazing array of alternate varieties. They also make quite a lot of rosé, seven, in 2012. This rosé is purpose made with as little as 3 hours skin contact.

To try and describe a unique flavour such as this is tricky, but here goes: The nose is a little like a Pinot Noir, with the promise of something more, perhaps Sangiovese. Sound weird but it is good. Refosco is a very tannic variety plus lends itself to real black fruit flavours. I also got some black olive pip come through. A dead-set perfect match for charcuterie.
To try Channing Daughters wines in Australia, get in touch with Brooks and Amos here.

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