Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Melbourne Food and Wine Blogging Event : @ProBlogger

So what does a Wine Valet blog about?

As you can see from my recent posts (i.e. none) I have had 'bloggers block' for quite some time now. (& you all thought that I was just too busy boozin'). So last night I attended the Melbourne Food and Wine Blogging Event presented by ProBlogger to see if I could find some divine-wine inspiration. Held at Maha Restaurant Melbourne, I didn't really need any more reasons to attend but the lure of Wine Talk Guru: Dan Sims plus real life The Age Epicure contributor, Hilary McNevin had me RSVP- cork, line & sinker.

I met some very awesome ladies and a few top gents over an amazing array of flavours cooked up by Shane Delia and the Maha team. Best of all, I decided that this blog should be about my job as a wine valet, my life in the wine world and the random ramblings that my friends and colleagues know and love me for. (Ramblings are generally romantic and wistful in nature, based on my inner conflicts of an inclination toward practising great etiquette of times gone by and the modern realities of behaviour and place.)

I shall consider this day one of my blogging life, so expect an evolution and a journey. I do not promise to be perfect, however I will endeavour to always improve. I plan to continue studying as a blogger and a writer, as well as an oenophile, just as I plan to always keep at least one foot on the ground as Pretentious is an awfully dirty word to me.

Welcome to my blog. Feel free to share your own thoughts with abandon. Drink Champagne as often as you can and always remember that the best wine is the wine you like.
Catherine A
with Leanne DeBortoli, photo courtesy of the extremely lovely @GastronoMel, cheers Melissa!