Saturday, February 15, 2014

USA orange wine, Channing Daughters '10 Meditazione

Channing Daughters '10 Meditazione
Beautifully Apricot in colour and a little warm. There is a big lychee hit and pink musk lolly on the nose. I also detect a woody spice, perhaps cedar or ashwood. Can you guess what it tastes like? White-peppered musk lifesavers. Seriously. As well as booze-soaked dried apricots.. and more. This is definitely a white wine that will appeal to red wine drinkers.

Meditazione is an exotic, non-traditional white skin-fermented (or orange wine) blend inspired by the “Vino da Meditazione” wines in the Friuli region of Northeast Italy. The Channing Daughters 2010 Meditazione is comprised of 28% Muscat Ottonel, 20% Chardonnay, 18% Sauvignon Blanc, 12% Pinot Grigio, 10% Tocai Friulano, 5% Viognier, 5% Aligote, 2% Semillon. What a mouthful!
You need to try this for yourself. In Australia, contact Brooks and Amos.

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