Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Grenache Pash

Pink wine is a tricky thing to buy. Blush, Rosata, Rosado, Rosé. It can be made like a white wine, but from a red grape or it can be a blend of red and white wine. What is termed pink, or rosé wine, can also be orange, copper, crimson or even purple in colour. Once upon a time, rosé wine was usually pretty sweet. Syrupy sweet. Nowadays, dry rosés are wildly popular. Fruity, fresh and light, a good 'pink' wine goes well with a variety of Spring & Summer dishes, or savoured slowly on a sunny balcony.
named after the vineyard Cat. Wirra Wirra wines.
I must confess, on this #GrenacheDay that Grenache grapes made into a dry rosé wine is pretty much my favourite pink drink. The McLaren Vale appellation in South Australia is a region particularly good at producing this yummy kind of wine.
Stunningly crimson. Geoff Merril Wines.
Rhone, in France, offers more Grenache-blend, than 100% Grenache, but as the Grand Daddy of producing regions, you can't leave it out.
50% Grenache blend. Vins Guigal.
And my good friends in Oregon, USA, have caught the dry-style bug and you can sometimes find a lip-smacking rosé when the vintage is good.
Burnt orange tones. Del Rio Estate.
So now you see that I have a passion for pink wine, and if i could only choose one grape in my pink drink it would be Grenache. I like to drink pink with pork, salmon or berry treats. Or just in a comfy chair on a sunny day.

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