Monday, October 22, 2012

Be-bop-a-lula! It is a PINOT PALOOZA!

Robert Louis Stevenson once said: "Wine is bottled poetry." With this being the case, I dare to say that the fickle, rascally, Pinot Noir grape is then made into "The Bottled Noble Prize in Literature". Of all single varietal wines, Pinot Noir has the biggest 'cult' following. Pinot lovers often call themselves Pinotphiles. On Sunday, I attended PINOT PALOOZA, an event to celebrate the love for this regal, yet rather temperamental grape- and those who covet thy drop.
Pinot Noir fan wearing a Pinotphile t-shirt, bottom right
It is handy to note (for the uninitiated), my accepted definition of Palooza; an all out, crazy party, extravagant event, with a plethora of people and the considered thought that there may just be no tomorrow. Well, Pinot Palooza certainly fit the bill.
all out, crazy party props

Crazy ~ Dan and Ben from The Wine Guide who created and organised the palooza
Extravagant ~ held at the commanding and iconic Ormond Hall, Melbourne
Plethora~ 70 producers brought 130+ wines to TWO sessions of a packed house
Considered Thought~ "try ALL the wines!"

I went along to the Pinot Palooza to try new Pinots, meet the winemakers and see what treasures I could add to the Christmas wine lists of my clients. Success! In  a little under three hours I managed to try twenty-eight wines from seven wine regions across two countries. I met winemakers, vineyard owners and grape growers.
De Bortoli Wines 'Riorret' from their Emu Vineyard
Delightfully surprising, enormously enjoyable.
The passion in the room from both the 'artists' and the attendees was palpable. Pinotphiles and Pinotnoobs were enjoying themselves equally. I have a 'stocking filler' list the length of my forearm and a great time was had by all. Future posts will share more about the people I met and the stunning array of Pinots being produced in the Southern Hemisphere. Until then, feel free to share your Pinot Noir stories and favourites with me here, or via email

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